Fly wherever you want to and always on time with one of Latin America’s largest networks. Plus, we’ll keep arriving to new destinations so you can have more options when you choose to travel. 

It’s Time to Fly with Avianca


Connect with 50+ destinations in Colombia and the world with our direct routes. Around 2,000 weekly flights and over 300,000 available seats so you can customize your flight. 

We’re now flying to Canada. Starting December, we’ll have 6 weekly flights and 1,000+ seats to Toronto, so you can get to know the city and study.

This year, we resumed our routes without layovers to Rio de Janeiro, Asuncion, and Montevideo so you can keep traveling to your Latin American favorite destinations.



Toronto - Canadá


El Salvador

Orlando, Florida


Visit 19 destinations without layovers from El Salvador and choose among 300+ weekly flights so you can travel on the date and time you need to.

We’ve got good news! Starting November, we’ll fly again with our route to Panama and on 2022 we’ll have a new route to Orlando so you can travel without layovers on your vacations or business trips.

Enjoy connectivity with Canada. Enjoy that country on one of our 8 weekly flights with over 2,000 seats to choose from.



San Andrés - Colombia


Fly to Bucaramanga again and start your vacations to San Andres, because we’ll have 20 flights and 3,000+ seats a week on these routes.

More international destinations. Starting 2022, travel to new destinations without layovers: Aruba, Orlando, Mexico City, San Jose, and Quito.

You can connect directly with 10 domestic and international destinations from Medellin. We’ve got 380+ flights and 58,000 seats a week to take you wherever you want to.


Fly without layovers to 7 domestic and international destinations from Cali, with 270+ flights and 40,000 seats a week, to connect with the destination you want.

Can I also go to New York? That’s right! Starting December, you’ll be able to fly directly with our 6 weekly flights.

Starting 2022, you’ll be able to choose more international destinations, because we inaugurated direct flights to Cancun, Mexico City, San Jose, and Quito.



Cancún - México



Santa Marta - Colombia


Connect with Bogota, Cartagena, and Santa Marta from Bucaramanga.

Choose the option that best suits your trip among our 100+ flights and around 16,000 seats.

Fly to Miami during 2022. We’ll connect you with one of United States’ main touristic destinations without layovers, so you can schedule your next vacations.


Travel to Ecuador’s main destinations: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, San Cristobal, and Baltra with our offer of 100+ weekly flights and 15,000 seats. Starting January, we’ll also fly to El Coca.

New routes to Ecuador! In 2022, we’ll be flying from Quito and Guayaquil, to New York, Miami, and Medellin; and, from Quito to Cali.



Miami, Florida


San José

Los Ángeles, California


Fly to Bogota, Miami, El Salvador, and Guatemala City from Costa Rica in 50+ weekly flights.

Washington D.C. without layovers! Starting 2022, we’ll also take you to Washington D.C. in our new direct flights to United States’ capital.


Connect to those cities everyone wants to visit, without layovers: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Salvador, Bogota, and Tegucigalpa in our 30+ weekly flights and 4,500 seats. 

More routes and less layovers! In 2022, you’ll also be able to visit San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York, in United States; Cali and Medellin, in Colombia; Mexico City, in Mexico; and Managua, in Nicaragua. Plus, we’ll activate our flights to Panama this December.



Washington D. C.