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This is Chapter 11’s most important milestone and we’re hoping to emerge before the end of 2021 as a financially stronger and more efficient airline that will keep connecting travelers in Colombia and Latin America for another 100 years.


Our business plan:

• 200+ point-to-point routes for 2025
• 130+ planes
• More competitive prices
• Arrive to new markets
• Avianca Cargo and LifeMiles growth

Some of the attained milestones during this process:

• A more robust route network: Announcement of 23 new point-to-point routes in strategic markets for 2022, including Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

• Fleet reconfiguration: Incorporation of more seats to offer more competitive prices and increase the number of transported clients. Each plane’s capacity will be increased up to 20%.

• Tailor-made flights: More flexibility for clients to plan their flights and only pay for what they really need.

• A more attractive LifeMiles: Launch of a new miles’ accumulation program with a lot more benefits for travelers that are a part of Avianca’s loyalty program.

• Self-management with more possibilities: Online customer service strengthening, “Vianca” chat service, and digital channels so clients can easily manage their trip from the mobile app and Avianca’s website.

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